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The fast evolving face of technology today sets higher demands for the massive crowd pleasing field "OPEN SOURCE".

  • STUDENT CODE-IN is founded with a vision to promote all-round information to those keen students who are here in the globe finding a way for their obstacle.
  • At STUDENT CODE-IN we have strived to a system that supports and encourages you with varied quality of experiences offered by expert mentors.
  • It is our firm belief that as a part of STUDENT CODE-IN you will get an array of opportunities to develop your skills in numerous ways.
  • We assure you that this platform gives you a touch of redefined excellence, vision, and wings to your dreams of being a developer.

Call To Code

Students and mentors with interest to avail this opportunity,to give a step up to their talent can apply at STUDENT CODE-IN.


Registrations are closed for SCI-2020 program.


We know applying for a new project requires a leap of faith in yourself. If you have basic GIT knowledge or are beginners or even veteran developers, We want you to feel comfortable and excited to apply at Student code-in.



Open source organizations that would like to participate as a mentor organization in this year’s program can apply.



Being a mentor is surely not an easy task but, are you passionate about helping students grow to their full potential in the field of open source. If you want to change someone's life trajectory from today. So be a mentor with us!!



Student Code-in is a 8 weeks long open source project. In this,all the registered participants would get an exquisite opportunity to interact with the mentors and the Organizing Team .


Students with interest to avail of this opportunity, to give a step up to their talent need to apply at student-code-in and select the project on which they need to make headway. According to their motive, they will be assigned a mentor who will give their utmost devotion and dedication.


Buckle yourself up cause you are getting a boon to working on a variety of extremely challenging and concept building project with us here at Student code-in.
The projects are build considering the vast field of open source.


The mentors of this initiative are oceans of excellence in their specialized fields with their expertise commitment and sense of worth you will definitely have a technocloak around yourself. So be assured you are fortunate enough to have such guides.


We have highly skilled mentors and a devoting support system with excellent technical knowledge and experience in making you aware of the latest tricks and techniques required for your project.

We invest continuously in training to be able to respond to any new technology challenges and demands from the students

We offer a strong sense of spirit to all those who come to the door of Student code-in. There are a host of projects that will develop heights of confidence within you in the field of “OPEN SOURCE”.


Irrespective of any discrimination on the grounds of gender and pre-requisite knowledge about open source. We welcome every individual that walks to the corridor of Student Code-in.

All the students who want to explore their talent can apply here for an experience that will create a benchmark for the whole of your life.
Besides that we will be grateful to do our part for building your future in an accomplished way.

  • Project Announced

    Selected projects announced on website.

    12 June,2020
  • Project Submission


    11:59 pm 15 May,2020
  • Participant/Mentor Registration


    11:59 pm 20 May,2020
  • Project Submission


    11:59 pm 31 May,2020
  • Participant/Mentor Registration


    11:59 pm 9 June,2020
  • Project Announced

    Selected projects announced on website.

    12 June,2020
  • Acceptance Mails

    Sent to the selected participants and mentors

    Till 14 June,2020
  • Community Bonding


    14 - 17 June,2020
  • SCI


    18 June,2020
  • SCI


    18 August,2020
  • Results Out

    Declartion of results

    1 September,2020

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